Birds Invading Your Nest?

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Bird Control

Birds damage homes to the tune of millions of euros each year, not to mention posing major health risks from bird droppings, pest infestations in nests, and dead birds.

ProPest uses its extensive knowledge in bird management to use a variety of ways to safely and successfully remove problematic, nuisance birds such as pigeons, sparrows, and starlings from your home or company.

How do we go about this?

Control starts with a careful inspection to identify bird species, activity levels, and the extent of structural damage. After that, a long-term exclusion plan is implemented, which includes, among other things, ready-to-use baits that interfere with reproduction, bird spikes, bird netting, shock strips, repellents and deterrents, live trapping, and harassing measures. Finally, our bird experts will install exclusionary measures to keep them out of your structure permanently, as well as sterilize and clean areas as needed.

ProPest will help create a healthier and safer environment by incorporating harassment techniques, physical and mechanical exclusionary control methods, and repellents to humanely regulate the bird population if the bird species is federally protected under the EU bird protection framework.

Call our highly skilled and experienced staff to create a custom control program for you.

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