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Your company might have to close its doors due to a single pest. You cannot afford to have a business pest control issue, whether you run a restaurant, hotel, grocery, or educational institution. You will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your company and those you serve are protected, no matter the issue, by working with our qualified personnel.

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Even the cleanest structures have issues with pest control. Carpenter ants, roaches, and rodents can enter through pipes and vents, wooden pallets and cardboard boxes, as well as through secret crevices and holes.

If you find one pest, there is often a much larger colony or nest nearby that you can't see. While certain pests can be killed by over-the-counter sprays and traps, finding the root of the issue requires specialized knowledge.

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Each and every ProPest technician is trained and skilled in the application of fumigation.

In order to eliminate a pest infestation or to ensure that one does not form, a number of agricultural and industry processes require fumigation services as standard.

One method of ensuring the majority of bulk food products are pest-free is phosphorus fumigation. Products including grains, nuts, cereals, coffee beans, dried fruit, and rice fall under this category.

Additionally, fumigation is employed to make sure that any cargo coming into Cyprus is free of insect infestations. In this situation, phosphorus is most frequently utilized because it can permeate products that are shrink-wrapped and packaged and leaves no pesticide residues behind.

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