Solar Panel Proofing

The situation becomes much more annoying when the nesting occurs in your solar panels...


As wonderful as solar panels are, installers frequently overlook the warm, safe haven you've provided for birds, particularly stray pigeons.

Unfortunately, once pigeons have discovered this, they are unlikely to leave unless the solar panels are bird proofed. As a result, pigeon-proofing solar panels should be your first line of defense against troublesome birds.

Safety First

For health and safety reasons, choosing a solar panel bird proofing business that is qualified to work at height is critical, especially when bird proofing solar panels! Our team is trained in working at heights and will, if possible, employ a specially constructed, HSE-approved ladder and roof ladder harness system. The ladders allow us to safely access your roof and do the job quickly. Furthermore, the ladders provide a 23cm clearance beneath them, keeping the weight away from your solar array. We also have a complete rope access system on-site, as well as the necessary credentials to operate scaffolding and transportable raised work platforms.

Highest Quality

To protect solar panels, we exclusively utilize the best grade stainless steel mesh. The 25mm galvanized steel mesh is installed around the sides of your solar panels to permanently deter pigeons. To keep the solar panel mesh in place, we recommend using our non-intrusive solar panel mesh clips. However, if alternative techniques are requested, we are willing to use them. We can source equipment from the top manufacturers who offer only the highest quality supplies for pigeon proofing solar panels because of our industry-leading experience in bird and pest management.

Decrease in solar power

Even the earliest indicators of pigeon presence can be a big inconvenience for your solar panels: dirt and feces left behind by unwanted pigeons quickly coat the surface of your panels, reducing its power and efficacy. Pigeon droppings are also quite acidic, which means that if left unchecked, they can cause corrosion and structural damage. Furthermore, bird droppings are known to carry at least three diseases: Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, and Psittacosis, none of which you want on your family's roof.

Failsafe approach for all birds

Fortunately, pigeon-proof solar panels have a well-practiced and fail-safe system in place to get rid of your pesky roof roosters. Our professionals will exterminate these pests and ensure that they no longer have access to your solar panels, ensuring that they continue to function as intended. Once the pests have been eliminated from your solar panels, they are unable to return. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safe.

Protects your investment
Keep your solar panels in peak condition.
Beautify your system
Make your solar panel system look clean and tidy.
Free solar panel and gutter clean
Making your solar panels squeaky clean.
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