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Pharmaceutical Businesses

At ProPest, we understand the critical role that pest treatment plays in helping pharmaceutical companies meet the strictest regulatory standards and guarantee a pest-free environment.

With regard to pest management, our qualified service options will guarantee adherence to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

By preventing potential forced business closures, stock contamination, product recalls, and stock loss, we will safeguard your company's reputation.

ProPest's Solution for Pharmaceuticals

Pests of all kinds, including rodents and insects, can put the pharmaceutical business at risk for contamination.

Our service offering has been created to offer the maximum level of protection against a pest infestation and to show complete adherence to legal standards.

To learn more about our pest control solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers or to schedule a visit from a knowledgeable account manager, contact us at +357 99 900 004.

Our Solution Benefits
  • Detailed onsite service: a thorough on-site service to design a unique pest management strategy for each facility.
  • Routine inspections: to carefully watch for the first indications of a pest infestation.
  • Protective cordons: create protective cordons around clean areas to lessen the likelihood of pest activity there. To maintain their resiliency and guarantee complete protection, these cordons are constantly inspected.
  • Support for several sites: We offer a multi-site solution to ensure a uniform strategy across all sites.
  • Rapid response: We react quickly to any indications of pest activity. In addition to dealing with the pest, we also make sure the root cause is found and handled to reduce risk.
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