Museums and Antiques
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Museums and Antiquities

At ProPest, we provide the knowledge necessary to safeguard and preserve antiques from pest issues.

We can guarantee the least amount of risk of damage to even the most delicate antiques or artifacts in your museum, gallery, or historic structure by using specialized materials and processes.

With treatments for wood deterioration, rot concerns, cavity wall tie corrosion, and structural damp problems, we provide further protection for old and historic houses.

Your Pest Threats

Historic structures, artifacts, and antiquities are susceptible to a variety of insect issues:

  • Moths, booklice, and textile beetles can damage artwork, books, textiles, and other soft organic materials.
  • For nesting, rodents will nibble on wood and other hard things and tear up fabrics and other soft materials.
  • Wood boring beetles pose a threat to furniture and other wooden objects.
  • Pews and lecterns made of wood in churches are particularly prone to rot and other types of wood damage.
Our Service Benefits
  • Certified technicians: are qualified to handle priceless or delicate goods.
  • Innovative, chemical-free remedies:  These products are suitable for even the most delicate things and are made specifically for this purpose.
  • Support across numerous sites: We are able to provide a high standard of service across several locations.
ProPest’s Professional Services

Our service's access to specialized treatments, which are very effective against pest infestations on priceless and historically significant artifacts, is one of its main advantages.

Learn how we may assist in preventing insect issues in your museum, gallery, or historic structure. Make an appointment for a specialist surveyor to visit by calling us at +357 99 900 004.

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