Slithering Snakes?

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Snakes hibernate during the winter and emerge in the spring to feed and breed, before slowing down again in the summer heat. People terrify them, and they will only attack in self-defense. The majority of snakes in Cyprus are non-poisonous, with only one venomous snake, the blunt-nosed viper, posing a threat to humans. The slender cat snake and the Montpellier snake are the island's other poisonous snakes, but their bites are only fatal to tiny creatures like mice, birds, and lizards.

Black Whip Snake

Appearance: Can grow up to 3 meters long brick color, with dark brown markings until it is 5–6 years old, after which it changes to its typical black color.

Habitat: Found up to 1500 meters in the air, its major habitat is agricultural and open regions with groupings of trees or bushes

Dangerousness: It is absolutely harmless, but when threatened, it becomes violent. If it senses danger, it elevates its body to bite. Its bite is not toxic, but due to the curviness of its fangs, it may linger for longer.

Cat Snake

Appearance: can grow up to 1 meter in length, but most are approximately 70 to 80 cm in length. It has a yellow color with huge greyish brown diamonds running along its body. The snake’s eyes are tiny and have vertical pupils.

Habitat: found in open woodland and residential areas at all elevations. This snake has the ability to lay 6 to 8 eggs.

Dangerousness: It is not dangerous to humans, but it uses poison to kill its victim. When it senses danger, it moves in close proximity and bites quite quickly.

Cyprus Whip Snake

Appearance: It can grow up to 115cm in length. It’s grey, light grey, or black in color, with thin white lines running down the first half of its body.

Habitat: uncommon species that can be found at elevations of up to 2400 meters. It is most commonly found in the woodlands of Troodos, Paphos, and Macheras. It moves at all hours of the day and night. It favors shaded, damp locations along streams or dams

Dangerousness: It is absolutely harmless and will escape if it comes into contact with humans.

Montpellier Snake

Appearance: It has a considerable length of up to 2 meters. It has two huge deadly teeth on the back of its jaw. Its huge eyes are a result of its excellent vision, which is its primary sense.

Habitat: It prefers arid, rocky environments with lots of lizards.

Dangerousness: It’s quite toxic. Its venom kills animals swiftly, although it is harmless to humans. Snakes typically escape when confronted by humans. Biting a human can result in painful swelling and severe headaches. A human life should never be jeopardized under any circumstances.


Appearance: Maximum length of 2 meters and a maximum weight of 5 kilos. The triangular head and very short tail are its distinguishing features. Males are always smaller than females.

Habitat: It is a widespread species that can be found in a variety of habitats, primarily in rocky or arid barren places. Despite its size, the viper can easily scale trees.

Dangerousness: It is the most dangerous snake on the island due to the potency of its poison. With each bite, the teeth remain in the victim, releasing a large amount of poison. It is not an aggressive snake in general because it does not attack until provoked. If it is threatened, however, its capacity to attack quickly makes it hazardous.

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