Non-Food Retail
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Retail Businesses

Even if your company doesn't deal with food, pest issues can still arise in locations where people and things are continuously moving about.

Pests can seriously damage your stock and your reputation once they're present.

You may experience pest problems as non-food businesses due to rodents, flies, moths, and biting insects. Numerous other insects and bothersome birds are also frequent issues.

You can get the defense you need for your reputation and stock from a professional pest control service. Additionally, it will guarantee a clean and safe workplace for your employees.
On how to keep offices free of pests and compliant with particular laws, we can provide expert guidance. In order to deal with pest infestations and prevent them from repeating, we provide our clients with cutting-edge pest control solutions and top-notch services.

Most Common Pests Found in Retail Stores
  • Moths: Clothes Moths or Carpet Moths can severely damage natural fibers (such as wool, silk or cotton) in carpets, clothes, fabrics, fur, and leather items. Moth caterpillars cause damage by eating the protein (keratin) found in natural materials.
  • Beetles: Other insects, like fleas, lack wings and can only move by crawling or jumping. Here, the term “crawling insects” refers to insects that are viewed as pests mostly because of their propensity to crawl.
  • Cockroaches: It can be really disheartening to find cockroaches at your place of business. Salmonella, dysentery, and gastro-enteritis are just a few of the diseases that cockroaches are known to transmit. Significant health concerns are associated with exposure to this insect. Even cockroach droppings have been linked to rises in eczema and asthma.
  • Rats and mice: Over time, rats and mice have been utilized as food, clothing, pets, and other things. Some species, like the brown rat, the black rat, and the house mouse, are major pests that contaminate human-stored food and disperse illnesses like Salmonellosis and the Hantavirus.
  • Birds: Pigeons and seagulls in particular can cause serious problems for your business if they are placed in the wrong area. Not only do they leave a mess, but they may also harm your property by displacing roof tiles, obstructing gutters, and harming your reputation. You should implement bird control measures sooner rather than later due to other issues.
Our Service Benefits
  • Local, certified technicians: Our technicians are on-site and available to help you, whether it’s a one-time pest issue or to give you the security of a service plan.
  • Regular service visits: Your local expert will frequently visit your location to inspect and replenish bait stations, look for signs of pest activity, identify any hazards, and give you advice on any steps you can take to lower the risk of pest problems.
  • Innovative remedies: We have access to a variety of focused remedies, including chemical-free ways to get rid of moths and bed bugs.
  • Prevention: We can provide knowledgeable guidance on pest proofing and avoiding a re-infestation.
  • Support for several sites: If you are in charge of a network of locations, you can combine them into a single service agreement with an account manager to coordinate service delivery throughout your facilities. To address their specific needs, each site will continue to have connections to nearby technicians and surveyors.
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